Who We Are-Overview

The Redsky Group

Is a specialized disabled recruitment agency dedicated to connecting talented individuals with disabilities to meaningful employment opportunities.We understand the unique challenges faced by disabled individuals in the job market and strive to bridge the gap between employers and disabled job seekers.With a strong commitment to inclusivity and diversty, we aim to create a more inclusive workforce where everyone has an equal opportunity to thrive.

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What are the Objectives

Here at Redsky Group

Primary objective is to empower disabled individuals by providing
them with equal access to employment opportunities. We believe that everyone deserves the chance to
showcase their skills and contribute to society, regardless of their disabilities.

We aim to promote inclusivity in the workplace by encouraging employers to
recognize the value of a diverse workforce. By connecting disabled job seekers with employers who
embrace inclusivity, we strive to create a more accepting and supportive work environment.

We understand that the job market can be daunting for disabled individuals due to
various barriers, including misconceptions, lack of accessibility, and discrimination. Our objective is to
bridge this gap by working closely with both job seekers and employers, providing support, guidance, and
resources to ensure a successful match.

We are committed to advocating for disability rights and raising
awareness about the capabilities and potential of disabled individuals. Through our work, we aim to
challenge societal stereotypes and promote a more inclusive and accepting society.

Our agency is dedicated to providing exceptional service to both job seekers
and employers. We strive to understand the unique needs and requirements of each individual, ensuring
that we match them with the right opportunities. Our team of experienced recruiters is committed to
delivering personalized support and guidance throughout the recruitment process.


Our agency was founded by a team of passionate professionals

who recognized the need for a specialized 
 recruitment service that focuses on disabled individuals. We have witnessed firsthand the untapped
 potential and immense talent that often goes unnoticed due to the barriers faced by disabled job seekers.
With a deep understanding of the challenges and discrimination faced by this community, we are
 determined to make a positive impact by facilitating their integration into the workforce.

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